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Rise & Fall

Rise & Fall - Charlie Cochet I love the third serie but it took me a while to finish this book ! the beginning was really really slow and it was very similar the first three books ! however the end was great and I can't wait for the next book ! So much is happening for the other characters ! I love Dex and Sloane but it's time to focus on the other members of the team !

Don't Judge

Don't Judge - A.E. Via, Tina Adamski, Jay Aheer I have to say that I'm really disappointed in that book, and not because of the editing since English is not my native language I tend to notice less these kind of things. I'm a huge fan of AE Via, I have all her other books and I love them ! I read them multiple times but I just didn't enjoy Don't Judge. Michaels was so different from Here Comes Trouble; he was this young, fun, kinda naive guy and ended up being depressed with anger management. I just don't get what happened. I kinda like Judge and his character was more interesting but I wish Michaels could have stayed like he was in the third book.
I was also hoping we would get to see more of Gen and Curtis ...
I'm still really looking forward to the next one in the serie and hopefully I will like the main characters better!

Here Comes Trouble

Here Comes Trouble - A.E. Via I really like that book! It might be my favourite AE via's story so far ! I started reading it yesterday and I couldn't go to sleep until I finished it!

I like Ruxs & Green but I love the fact that the other characters from the previous books are still part of this story: Day&God (who is still not getting nicer but we love him anyway), Syn, Ro, ect

And I think the best part of this book is definitely Curtis ! I was so sad that he hadn't been mentioned again after meeting Day and God in the first book! When they saved him from ruining his life it felt like he would be an important character in the serie and I guess we just had to wait to find out more about him! I love how he becomes part of Ruxs & Green's family and I can't even tell you how I feel about his meeting with Gen !!!!!!!

I was a bit disappointed by Syn and Fury's story (probably because I loves "Nothing Special" so much) but this book definitely got me addicted again to the serie!!

I'm really looking forward the next book !!! It would be great to discover what"s going to happen to Curtis and Gen and maybe read some new God&Day / Ro&Johnson action :)

(I apologize in advance for my less than perfect English ... it's not my native language :) )


Lucas - D.B. Reynolds I'm really disappointed because I love the serie Vampires in America but after reading the first books I feel like it is always the same story. The characters are all really alike and I'm getting bored with them.
It's too bad since the story line of the serie is really interesting.